Current Projects

My current book project is on the film performances of Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of Charlie Chaplin and a major figure in world cinema.  In the book I study her work for filmmakers such as Carlos Saura, Jacques Rivette, Robert Altman, Alan Rudolph, David Lean, and Alain Resnais. As I’ve worked on the book, I’ve become especially interested, too, in the way in which her star image and famous last name shifts in meaning across national borders, and how these meanings inflect our understanding of her films.  Additionally, the book attempts to find resonances, across film history, between her film performances and those of her legendary father.  This dimension of the book explores possible connections between performance and stardom in the early cinema of Charlie Chaplin and the modernist, art cinema contexts of many of Geraldine Chaplin’s films.


Geraldine Chaplin in Peppermint Frappe (Carlos Saura, 1967).